1. Grayson was Alice Horton's maiden name.

2. Earl was Steve Johnson's middle name.

3. Bo used to call Shane "Governor".

4. Peter and Kristen were born in Aremid.

5. Sami was named after Marlena's twin sister Samantha.

6. Sami's full name is Samantha Jean Brady.

7. Roman's middle name is Augustus.

8. When Roman divorced Marlena and left town, he went to work undercover for the ISA.

9. Mike's first wife Margo died of leukemia.

10. Before he called her "Fancy Face", Bo used to call Hope , "daddy's little princess".

11. Isabella died in her native country of Italy.

12. Abe Carver was the best man at Roman and Marlena's wedding.

13. Laura and Jack called themselves "Monica" and "Clark".

14. Jack was named Billy by his birth mother, Jo Johnson.

15. Megan tried to pass Zachary off as Bo's child. Zachary was actually the son of Diane Parker.

16. Renee Jones played Nikki Wade
before she became Lexie Carver.

Alison Sweeney played a young Adrienne Johnson
in flashback scenes before she was made famous by portraying Sami Brady.

Victor Alfieri played the cabin boy on the fishing boat
where Kate was held before he returned to DAYS to play the nefarious Franco Kelly.

Ivan G'Vera portrayed Carly's father in flashback scenes
before he was hired to play the devoted manservant Ivan Marais.

Josh Taylor played Chris Kositchek before he returned to DAYS to take over the role of Roman Brady.

17. Doug sang "Danny Boy" at Tom Horton's wake.

18. On their honeymoon, Bo and Hope took a ride in a milk wagon and wound up in jail because Bo had stolen the milk truck to get to the church because something had happened to his transportation. Consequently, they also went for a ride in a paddy wagon!

19. John Black has two children: Brady Victor Black is his son by Isabella Toscano; and Isabella Black is his daughter by Marlena Evans Black.

20. Adrienne and Justin Kiriakis adopted twin boys Victor and Joey;

Shawn and Caroline Brady adopted Frankie and Max;

Mickey and Maggie Horton adopted Janice Barnes;

Abe and Lexie Carver adopted Isaac Theo.

21. Bo and Billie's wedding crashed to a halt when a chandelier crashed to the floor in the church.

22. After Steve died, Kayla gave his harmonica to Bo.

23. Carly and Shawn-D. became close when she worked to teach him sign language after he lost his hearing. She was also key in rescuing him from a well.

24. Shane and Kim were in England the first time they made love.

25. Roman and Marlena's song was "Up Where We Belong" by Joe Cocker.

26. Laura brought the news to Salem that Austin and Billie were Kate's children.

27. Steve married Kayla 2 times.

28. The inscription inside the bracelet read, "To Hope, Love Forever, Bo."

29. Jack purchased the puzzle box as a gift for Abby.

30. Stefano was in a wheelchair when he was struck by lightning.

31. Harper was killed when he fell from the bell tower while trying to shoot the groom at Steve and Kayla's wedding. It was Jack who stopped Harper and thus saved his brother's life.

32. Emma was Shane's first wife.

33. The Spectator

34. Liz and Neil's daughter was Noel.

35. In the 80's the hot spot in Salem was WINGS.

36. Andre Dimera was in a sword fight with Tony and was injuried but escaped from the hospital. Ultimately, he died in quicksand.

37. Stefano wanted the three prisms because he believed they could cure his brain tumor.

38. Bo's first gift to Billie was a brass ring from a merry-go-round.

39. Calliope's favorite beverage was strawberry soda.

40. Eugene ran the Lonely Hearts Club.

41. Bo gave Hope a book of poetry that Shawn had given him.

42. Bo and Steve both dated Britta Englund.

43. The Dragon was killed when he fell from a window after trying to kill Shane.

44. Bo went undercover as a rock star.

45. Doug gave Hope a cradle.

46. Doug bought Bo and Hope Howie's detective agency as a wedding gift.

47. Stephanie brought Steve out of his coma.

48. The Loretta was the name of the ship from the Cruise of Deception.

49. Megan had planned to kill Hope by electrocution; she pushed a radio into a hot tub that Hope would use. Instead, Megan fell into the hot tub herself during a struggle with Larry Welch and was killed.

50. Beefcakes

51. Bo and Hope were married at St. Mary's Church.

52. At the Horton/Brady 4th of July picnic.

53. The murder happened on Smith Island.

54. Las Vegas

55. Isabella's mother Loretta Toscano was poisoned by Ernesto when he learned that she had been unfaithful.

56. Bo and Hope's song is "Tonight I Celebrate My Love" by Roberta Flack.

57. Had Shawn-D. been a girl, Bo and Hope would have named him Addie, after Hope's late mother.

58. Tony Dimera was diagnosed with a fatal blood disease. He decided to kill himself but make it appear that he had been murdered by John.

59. Neil Curtis was Sarah's biological father.

60. Lynn gave Sami the idea to drug Austin.


61. Billie founded Countess Wilhemina Cosmetics.

62. The Dragon killed Emma.

63. Bo and Hope kissed at a kissing booth.

64. Jed Allen

65. Dr. Tom used the name "Norm de Plume".

66. Shane was undercover as Hope's butler when he first came to Salem.

67. Hope's first wedding dress was designed by Anna Dimera.

68. Carrie and Austin used to spend time at Green Mountain Lodge.

69. Bo and Hope's room in Santa Rosa was El Quarto de Amor.

70. Alice's specialty is donuts.

71. The Salem supercouple in question were Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes. They were featured on this presitigous cover at the height of their popularity: a time when their characters" wedding coincided with their own real-life romance.

72. Marlena stripped for Stefano to distract him, in hopes of helping John.

73. Michael Easton (Tanner Scofield)was voted one of People magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People in 1992.

74. Pat Sajak appeared as Kevin Hathaway.

75. Bo's cigar-smoking P.I. buddy was Howie Hoffstedder.

76. Kellam Chandler raped Marlena.

77. Mike Horton was Kayla's first boyfriend.

78. Before she met Steve, Kayla briefly dated Chris Kositchek.

79. Stefano called himself "Mrs. Lafferty" -- NOT "Mrs. Doubtfire" -- when he appeared dressed as a woman.

80. Emma married Alex to keep from being deported.

81. Alex Marshall called Anna "Saddleshoes"

82. Franco stole a pair of pliers.

83. Jill said her attacker had blue eyes.

84. Franco gave Hope a friendship ring.

85. Susan wanted to take Little Elvis to (where else?) Graceland!

86. At Medical School

87. The three supercouples of the 80's were:
Steve and Kayla
Shane and Kim
Bo and Hope

88. The Hudson Street Diner

89. Angela Moroni

90. Vincent Moroni

91. Kristen was a social worker at the Horton Center when she first arrived in Salem.


92. Lucas came to Salem fresh out of the military academy.

93. John and Kristen delivered Belle.

94. Steve and Kayla wanted to adopt Benjy.

95. Glen Gallagher was Jennifer's high school sweetheart. He was played by Rob Estes, who later went on to star in the series, Silk Stalkings.

96. Jack raped Kayla, at the loft.

97. Billie thought that her ugly past would make it impossible for Bo to love her.

98. Austin was an accomplished pianist, a prizefighter, and involved in gambling when he and Carrie first met.


99. Tom died in his sleep of a heart attack.

100. Bo gave Hope a book of poetry.

101. Marlena was married to Don Craig.

102. Liz lost her memory when she fell and hit her head after shooting Marie Horton. She thought she was still married to Don Craig.

103. Jack and Jenn got help from Jasper.

104. Kayla married Jack out of pity, because he had Hodgkin's Disease, and was thought to be dying.

105. Adrienne Johnson was their sister. She married Justin Kiriakis.

106. Frankie's real name was Francois Von Leuschner.

107. Carly and Jennifer were best friends at boarding school.

108. The Salem Strangler was revealed to be Jake Kositchek. .

109. Liz shot Marie Horton.

110. Marie entered a convent when she learned that the man with whom she had fallen in love was in reality her missing brother Tommy.

111. Tom and Alice had five children:

112. Bill is Mike's biological father.

113. Mike's son Jeremy lives in Israel with his mother, Robin Jacobs.

114. Julie divorced Doug the first time because she had been disfigured in a fire, and she thought that he wouldn't be able to love her with a scarred face.

115. Todd died died in a drunk driving accident after Savannah Wilder got him drunk.

116. Daphne was Tony's mother and Stefano's mistress.

117. Roman's first wife, Anna Fredericks, was Carrie's mother.

118. Renee was killed by the Strangler.

119. Alex and Marie's daughter was named Jessica.

120. Samantha was jealous of Marlena so she impersonated her and had her committed so that she could assume Marlena's life.

121. D.J. (Don Jr.) was a premature baby and died of S.I.D.S.

122. Julie's son's name is David.

123. Julie's brother is Steven Olson.

124. Mickey had amnesia and wandered onto Maggie's farm.

125. Laura was committed to Bayview Sanitorium. She was in a catatonic state there for 18 years. She had a family history of mental illness and believed that her deceased mother had told her to kill herself. The final snap came when she caught her husband Bill making love to Kate Roberts.

126. Isabella learned the truth about her father from Ernesto.

127. Marlena served as "best man" at Eugene and Calliope's wedding.

128. Eugene went to Haiti to investigate the "Bradford Curse".

129. Stefano first appeared in Salem in 1982.

130. Marlena shot Stefano at the ice rink.

131. Diana Colville was a reporter who became engaged to Roman.

132. Bo, Steve, and Britta all have a dagger tattoo.

133. Kimberly slept with Victor to protect Shane.

134. Lee Dumond was Renee's mother; she married Doug.

135. DAYS premiered on November 8, 1965.

136. Dougie's biological parents were Doug Williams and Rebeccah North.

137. Pete and Melissa were married in a double ceremony on Valentine's Day 1985 with Melissa's adoptive parents Mickey and Maggie.

138. Sami shot Alan in the groin.

139. Stefano forced Marlena to admit that John was Belle's father at her christening.

140. Celeste Perrault and Stefano Dimera are Lexie's parents.

141. Kimberly didn't want her family to know about her past as a prostitute.

142. Victor is Bo's biological father.

143. Victor has a son, Bo, by Caroline Brady;
a daughter, Isabella, by Loretta Toscano;
and another son, Phillip, by Kate Roberts.

Stefano has a son, Anthony, by Daphne;

a son, Elvis, by Susan Banks;

a son, Benjy, by a woman we know only as Ellen;
a daughter, Megan;
an adopted son, Peter Blake;
and an adopted daughter, Kristen Blake.

At least, those are the ones we KNOW about.

144. Kayla gave birth to Stephanie in jail. She was there on a murder charge.

145. Some characters who have "returned from the dead" include:

Roman Brady;
Marlena Evans;
Stefano Dimera;
Shane Donovan;
Jennifer Devereaux;
Hope Williams Brady;
Peter Blake.

146. Steve's first wife Marina was killed.

147. Jennifer impersonated Carly to help get Carly out of an arranged marriage.

148. Eugene and Calliope appeared on "The Newlywed Game".

149. Gabrielle Pascal was Eve's mother.

150. Eve and Frankie left Salem and headed to Africa. I wonder if they will run into Jack and Jennifer?

151. Faith Taylor won Scotty's heart.

152. Patty Weaver played Trish Banning.

153. Kayla had been rendered deaf and mute in an explosion.

154. Justin and Adrienne were married in a lavish ceremony in Greece.

155. Carrie's first wedding to Austin came to a halt when Sami fainted during the ceremony.

156. Victor had a stroke because Sami was badgering him and threatening him during an argument she was having with Kate.

157. When he still thought that he was Roman, Caroline and Shawn asked John about his 9th birthday. The real Roman knew that he had been sick with the chicken pox then, but John did not.

158. Bill Horton and Doug Williams were cellmates in prison.

159. Anjelica Devereaux had a child with Justin Kiriakis. She tried to pass the baby off as Neil's.

160. Savannah Wilder was brought to town by Kellam Chandler to cause trouble between Neil and Liz.

161. Carly Manning and Lawrence Alamain had a child together from a previous relationship.

162. Vivian stole Kate's embryo and had herself artificially inseminated with it, reasoning that Victor would fall in love with the woman who carried his child.

163. Frankie claimed that Max was his little brother.

164. Doug sang "The Look of Love" to Julie.

165. Steve lost sight in his right eye as the result of a fight.

166. Steve first came to Salem when Victor hired him.

167. Neil had a gambling addiction.

168. Susan Martin stood trial for the murder of David Martin; Mickey Horton was her attorney.

169. Mike Farrell played Scott Banning.

170. Roman first met Marlena when he was assigned to provide her with police protection from the Salem Strangler.

171. The supposed death of Marlena at the hands of the Strangler incited fans to picket NBC studios.

172. Franco was brought to the US by Kate to break up Bo and Hope.

173. Carrie stopped Sami from marrying Austin a second time by learning and revealing the truth about Will's paternity.

174. Sami suffered amnesia when she was struck by Austin's car.

175. Billie lost her baby in the bayou.

176. The Fancy Face burned.

177. Steve was poisoned; his coffin was replaced at the cemetary, the one containing his body was taken away by unknown people.

178. Jack and Jenn were married in an outdoor Wild West Show.

179. Stefano hired Lynn to take care of Laura so that she could keep Laura drugged.

180. Brady Black was born at the church just as John and Isabella were about to be married.

181. Ivy Selejko had a baby by Pete Jannings; the baby was named Charlie.

182. Mike was engaged to April Ramirez when Robin came back to Salem.

183. Mickey and Maggie lost custody of Janice.

184. Some of the former cast members who returned for Tom Horton's funeral were:

Kimberly Brady (Patsy Pease);
Melissa Horton (Lisa Trussel);
Doug Williams (Bill Hayes);
Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes)

185. Franco couldn't return to Italy because the mafia had a contract out on him.

186. Sami found the blackmail evidence against Kate.

187. The longest running character on DAYS other than John Clarke's Mickey or Frances Reid's Alice is Suzanne Rogers' Maggie; she has been on DAYS for 24 years.

188. Carly's bridal shower was thrown by......

189. Tommy and Marie fell in love. He was listed as Missing In Action in the war. He returned to the States, suffering from amnesia. No one recognized him because he had undergone extensive reconstructive surgery.

190. Donna Craig was played by Tracey Bergman, who currently appears on "The Young and the Restless" as Lauren Fenmore.

191. Tom and Alice's special song was "ALWAYS".

192. Julie is Hope's half-sister and step-mother. And they aren't even from Arkansas!

193. Neil married Phyllis in order to pay off his gambling debts.

194. Mindy Clarke, daughter of John Clarke (Mickey), played Faith Taylor.

195. Linda Anderson was Melissa's biological mother.

196. Molly was a reclusive young woman living in the woods with her grandfather. He died, and soon thereafter, she met Eve, who, along with Jack, Jennifer, Melissa, Frankie, and Brian, had been stranded in the woods in a train wreck.

197. Carlo had an affair with Liz.

198. Bill discovered that Mickey was sterile.

199. Jessica's alternate persona was Angel.

200. Kristen brought Roman back to Salem to stop John and Marlena's wedding.

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