Salem's   Largest   Quiz   Ever!

Try to answer these questions to the best of your recollection. If you need help, click on the picture beneath the question, or scroll to the bottom of the quiz to the link that will take you to the answer page. Not all of the pictures can be clicked. If we have missed an answer, please e-mail us and let us know. Have fun!

1. What was Alice Horton's maiden name?

2. What was Steve Johnson's middle name?

3. What was the nickname that Bo used to call Shane?

4. Where were Peter and Kristen born?

5. Who is Sami named after?

6. What is Sami's middle name?

7. What is Roman's middle name?

8. When Roman divorced Marlena and left town, where did he go?

9. Whatever happened to Mike Horton's first wife, Margo?

10. Before he called her "Fancy Face", what was Bo's nickname for Hope?

11. In what country did Isabella die?

12. Who was the best man at Marlena and Roman's wedding?

13. What aliases did Jack and Laura use at the retreat where they met?

14. What was Jack's original first name?

15. What was the name of the child that Megan tried to pass off as Bo's?

16. Who are the four actors on DAYS that played a different character before playing the role for which they are best known?

17. What was the song that Doug sang at Tom Horton's wake?

18. On their honeymoon, Bo and Hope took a special ride. What was it?

19. How many children does John Black have?

20. Name two DAYS couples that have adopted children.

21. What caused Bo and Billie's wedding to come to a halt?

22. After Steve died, Kayla gave something of his to Bo. What was it?

23. Why were Carly and Shawn-D. so close?

24. In what country were Shane and Kim when they first made love?

25. What is Roman and Marlena's song?

26. Who brought the news to Salem that Billie and Austin were Kate's children?

27. How many times did Steve and Kayla get married?

28. What was inscribed inside the bracelet that Bobby Lee had?

29. Who purchased Gina/Hope's missing puzzle box?

30. Where was Stefano when he was hit by lightning?

31. Who killed Harper Devereaux?

32. What was the name of Shane's first wife?

33. What was the name of the newspaper where Jack was editor-in-chief?

34. What was the name of Liz and Neil's daughter?

35. Salem Club is a current hot spot in Salem. What was the hot spot in the 80's?

36. How was Andre Dimera injured?

37. Why did Stefano want the three prisms?

38. What was the first gift that Bo gave Billie?

39. What was Calliope's favorite beverage?

40. What was the name of the dating club that Eugene ran?

41. What did Bo give Hope on her 18th birthday?

42. What was the name of the Swedish girl that both Steve and Bo dated?

43. How did the Dragon die?

44. This DAYS star once went undercover as a rock star. Who was it?

45. When she was pregnant with Shawn-D., Doug gave Hope a gift for her baby that used to belong to her. What was it?

46. What did Doug buy Bo and Hope for a wedding gift?

47. What brought Steve out of his coma shortly before he died?

48. What was the name of the ship from the Cruise of Deception?

49. Who killed Megan Hathaway?

50. What was the name of the club where Pete Jannings was a dancer?

51. What was the name of the church where Bo and Hope were married?

52. Where did Franco and Sami announce their engagement?

53. What was the name of the island where the body of the man who Franco was suspected of killing was found?

54. Where did Carrie and Mike first make love?

55. Who was Isabella's mother, and how did she die?

56. What is Bo and Hope's song?

57. If Shawn-D. had been a girl, what were Bo and Hope going to name him?

58. Who killed Anthony Dimera?

59. Who is Sarah Horton's biological father?

60. Who gave Sami the idea to drug Austin?

61. Who founded Countess Wilhelmina Cosmetics?

62. Who killed Emma Donovan Marshall?

63. Where did Bo and Hope first kiss?

64. Name the actor who played Don Craig.

65. What was Tom Horton's pseudonym when he read his original poetry at the Beat Bar?

66. What was Shane's first job in Salem?

67. Who designed Hope's first wedding dress?

68. What is the name of the ski lodge where Austin and Carrie used to go?

69. What is the name of the room that Bo and Hope used in Santa Rosa?

70. What is Alice Horton famous for baking?

71. What 2 DAYS stars made the cover of Time magazine?

72. Why did Marlena strip for Stefano?

73. What DAYS star was voted one of People magazine's Most Beautiful People in 1992?

74. What famous gameshow host appeared on DAYS as Kevin Hathaway?

75. What was the name of Bo's P.I. buddy?

76. Who raped Marlena?

77. Who was Kayla's first boyfriend?

78. Who was Kayla's boyfriend prior to her relationship with Steve?

79. What name did Stefano use when he masqueraded as a woman?

80. Why did Emma marry Alex Marshall?

81. What was Alex Marshall's nickname for Anna?

82. To delay a photo shoot in Santa Rosa, what did Franco steal?

83. Jill claimed her attacker had what color eyes?

84. What gift did Franco give to Hope on the docks?

85. Where did Susan want to take little Elvis?

86. What was the song that Jack and Jennifer danced to the night before he went to jail?

87. Name the three SUPERCOUPLES featured on DAYS in the 80's.

88. What is the name of the diner where Fay and Kate work?

89. What was Brandon's wife's name?

90. Who was the mobster that Kate hired to kill Victor?

91. What was Kristen's first job in Salem?

92. Where was Lucas before he first arrived in Salem?

93. Who delivered Marlena's last baby?

94. What was the name of the deaf boy that Steve and Kayla wanted to adopt?

95. Who was Jennifer Horton's first boyfriend?

96. Who did Jack Devereaux rape?

97. Why did Billie have a hard time believing that Bo could love her?

98. What was Austin doing when he met Carrie?

99. How did Dr. Tom Horton die?

100. What did Bo give to Hope on their first wedding anniversary?

101. Who was Marlena's first husband?

102. How did Liz lose her memory, and who did she think she was married to?

103. Who helped Jack and Jennifer when they were on the run with Abby?

104. Why did Kayla marry Jack?

105. What was the name of Steve and Jack's sister, and who did she marry?

106. What was Frankie Brady's real name?

107. How did Carly and Jennifer meet?

108. Who was the Salem Strangler?

109. Who shot Marie Horton?

110. Why did Marie Horton enter a convent?

111. How many children did Tom and Alice Horton have, and what were their names?

112. Who is Mike Horton's biological father?

113. Who is Mike's son, and where is he now?

114. Why did Julie divorce Doug the first time?

115. How did Liz Chandler's brother die?

116. Who was Tony Dimera's mother?

117. Who was Roman's first wife and mother to Carrie?

118. Who killed Renee Dimera?

119. Who was Alex and Marie's daughter?

120. Why did Marlena's sister impersonate her and have her committed?

121. What happened to Marlena and Don's son D.J.?

122. What is the name of Julie's son by David Martin?

123. Who is Julie's brother?

124. How did Mickey and Maggie meet?

125. Why was Laura committed to Bayview Sanitarium?

126. How did Isabella find out that Victor was her father?

127. Who was best man at Eugene and Calliope's wedding?

128. Where did Eugene go to investigate the Bradford Curse?

129. When did Stefano first appear in Salem?

130. Who shot Stefano at the ice rink?

131. Who was Diana Colville?

132. What is the tattoo that Steve, Bo, and John all have in common?

133. Why did Kimberly sleep with Victor in Miami?

134. Who was Lee Dumond?

135. When did DAYS premiere?

136. Who were the biological parents of Dougie Leclair?

137. Name the 2 couples who had a double wedding on Valentine's Day in 1985, and how were they related?

138. What did Sami do to Alan Harris, the man who raped her?

139. What caused Marlena to admit that John was Belle's father?

140. Who are Lexie's parents?

141. What did Kimberly want to keep secret from her family?

142. Who is Bo's biological father?

143. Who has more children, Victor or Stefano?

144. Where did Kayla give birth to Stephanie?

145. Name as many DAYS characters as you can that have "come back from the dead".

146. Who was Marina Toscano and what happened to her?

147. Why did Jennifer impersonate Carly?

148. On what game show did Eugene and Calliope appear?

149. Who is Eve Donovan's mother?

150. Where did Eve and Frankie go when they left Salem?

151. Who was the girl who won the heart of Scotty Banning?

152. What role did Patty Weaver play on DAYS?

153. What disability did Kayla have when she and Steve were getting married the first time?

154. Where did Justin marry Adrienne?

155. What stopped Carrie's first wedding to Austin?

156. What caused Victor's stroke?

157. How did Shawn and Caroline learn the man they believed to be their son Roman was in fact John Black?

158. Where did Bill Horton and Doug Williams first meet?

159. Justin had a child by a woman other than Adrienne. Who was she?

160. Why did Savannah Wilder come to Salem?

161. What was the relationship between Carly Manning and Lawrence Alamain?

162. Vivian stole something that was Kate's in order to try and steal Victor. What was it?

163. What was the name of the young boy that Frankie Brady claimed as his brother?

164. What song did Doug frequently sing for Julie?

165. How did Steve lose sight in his right eye?

166. Who brought Steve to Salem and why?

167. What was Neil's addiction?

168. Why was Susan Martin put on trial, and who was her attorney?

169. What role did Mike Farrell play on DAYS before going on to play B.J. Honeycutt on MASH?

170. How did Roman and Marlena meet?

171. When this fan favorite was killed off by the Salem Strangler, fans picketed at NBC studios. Who was it?

172. Who brought Franco to Salem?

173. How did Carrie stop Austin from marrying Sami a second time?

174. What caused Sami's amnesia?

175. Where did Billie lose her baby?

176. What happened to the Fancy Face?

177. How did Steve die, and what unexplained event happened at the cemetary?

178. What was the wacky wedding took place in a cowboy/western show fashion?

179. Who hired Lynn as Laura's nurse and why?

180. Where was Brady Black born?

181. What was the name of the girl who had Pete Jannings' baby? Bonus points if you can name the baby.

182. Who was Mike engaged to when Robin Jacobs came back to Salem?

183. Mickey and Maggie adopted a little girl but lost custody of her due in part to Maggie's alcoholism. What was her name?

184. Name the former cast members who returned to Salem for Tom Horton's funeral.

185. Why was Franco afraid to return to Italy?

186. How did Sami get her hands on the evidence she used to blackmail Kate?

187. Frances Reid and John Clarke are the two cast members that have been on DAYS since it first aired. Excluding them, which cast member has the most seniority on the show?

188. Who threw the bridal shower for Carly?

189. Which two siblings fell in love?

190. What was the name of Don's troubled teenage daughter?

191. What was Tom and Alice Horton's song?

192. How is Hope related to Julie?

193. Why did Neil marry Phyllis?

194. Who played Faith on DAYS and to which cast member is she related in real life?

195. Who is Melissa's biological mother?

196. How was Molly Brinker introduced to Salem?

197. Name the younger man with whom Liz had an affair.

198. Who first found out that Mickey was sterile?

199. Jessica had Multiple Personality Disorder. What was the name of her alternate persona?

200. Who brought Roman back to Salem just in time for Marlena and John's wedding?

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