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Name the Salemite you think would be the best roommate

Sami Brady, because she would always have a plan for getting even with those noisy neighbors
Celeste Perrault, because she would always know in advance when the door to door salesmen were knocking.
Bo Brady, because he could always be persuaded to give you a ride on his motorcycle.
John Black, because he could remove any stray mind control chips from your brain
Brady Black, because there is always the chance he might show up at the door wearing nothing but a towel


Who would you most like to work for if you lived in Salem?

Marlena Evans Black, because scheduling patients for her would be a no-brainer, since she doesn't have any.
John Black, because as long as you're his daughter, you get to sit in a fancy office and travel to European cities, even if you have absolutely no talent.
Mickey Horton, because he has so few clients that it would be like getting paid for doing nothing.
Bonnie Lockheart, because you love country music and rhinestones.
Brady Black, because he's just so darn cute.


What two currently uninvolved characters would make a good couple?

Shawn and Mimi
Victor and Caroline
Kate and John
Roman and Marlena
Tek and Lexie
Bo and Billie
Abe and Celeste
Rex and Bonnie


Which of the following characters should leave Salem on the next available mode of transport?

Jan Spears
Belle Black
Shawn Douglas Brady
Kate Roberts
Nicole Walker Kiriakis
Victor Kiriakis


Which of these plots should be written into the show?


What celebrity should be cast in DAYS?


Who is your current favorite Salemite?


What is your favorite part of this web site?



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