Megan Hathaway was originally believed to be the daughter of Max Hathaway, but it was later revealed that she was actually the daughter of Stefano Dimera.

Stefano Dimera was born and raised in Italy.

In 1985, Stefano returned from the dead, then "died" again later that same year.

Secret Garden Clicks

Paul Vincent O'Connor played the role of Paul Grant, executor of Stefano's will, on July 25 & 26, 2002.

Stefano's Will

Celeste received paper dolls.
Roman received a statue of a gladiator.
Grandpa Shawn received a toy boat with a small doll inside.
Hope received a scarf with a warning to keep her eyes open.
Marlena received a pillow embroidered with the words, "The sleeping beauty in the woods" and a constellation on the other side.
Lexie received the family crest and found a letter hidden inside.
John received a chess board and a note that said, "Prepare for checkmate."
Tony received a replica of the Dimera mansion, and later found the missing queen from John's chess set hidden inside.