Photo by McKinley Portrait Design, Lynden, WA, May 2005


"And homeless near a thousand homes I stood, and near a thousand tables pined, and wanted food."
~William Wordsworth~


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Spike's Tale

When Spike became a part of our family on February 29, 2004, we had no idea what a profound impact he would have on each of us. We knew he would require lots of care, lots of love, lots of food, all things he had sorely lacked at the hell hole in Custer, Washington, called "Billie's Bullies", a breeding facility where dogs were neglected and starved to death. What we didn't know, however, was how much he would add to our lives.


Spike in March 2004

Our other bulldogs, Lily and Amos, had enriched our lives enormously. They have never wanted for a thing in their lives, unlike Spike, who has lacked so much for the last four years of his life. While Lily and Amos love us as unconditionally as any dog loves his family, Spike's love has the added dimension of gratitude. He has known hunger and cold and neglect and pain, and now that those things are behind him, he seems to genuinely appreciate everything he has.


Jim and Maria, Spike's mom and dad, with (l. to r.) Amos, Lily, and Spike


Photo by McKinley Portrait Design, Lynden, WA, May 2005


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View this video montage created at One True Media
It's a bulldog's life

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Spike's Links

Cascade Bulldog Rescue
The non profit organization that placed Spike in our home.
Petition on Line
Sign the petition asking for maximum punishment for those who tormented Spike and the other dogs.
Petition on Line
Sign the petition regarding Animal Control agency incompetence
Animal Legal Defense Fund
Charges Brought Against "Billie's Bullies" Pair
Washington State Legislature
Crimes relating to animals
Animal Critical Care Group of Vancouver
The fine people who are going to perform Spike's surgery
Bulldog Club of Greater Seattle
Lots of Spike's best friends belong to this club
R-n-C's Hug-A-Bulls
Homepage of Spike's Fairy Godparents, Randy and Carmen
Dal-Savers Dalmatian Rescue, Inc.
Save a spot in your heart ... Adopt a homeless Dalmatian.

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