1998 - Lied to Eric Brady about her past as a porn star.

1999 - Married Lucas Roberts for $5 million, paid to her by Kate, but pretended that it was for love.

2000 - Tricked Eric into bed even though he was dating Greta.

2000 - Slept with sleazy money manager Rex Rollins in return (she thought) for his investing her fortune wisely.

When Victor was released from the Nursing Home, he and Kate set Nicole up to bilk her out of her fortune. It worked. She believed Rex had increased her holdings to $25 million, when in fact she was broke. Nicole got wise to their schemes and turned the tables on them. Nicole seduced Victor in the back of his limo and hooked him. He gave her back some of the money, and Nicole helped Victor get the goods on Kate, who had hired mobster Vincent Moroni to kill Victor. Nicole also revealed to Lucas that she had only married him for the money his mother paid her. 2001 - Helped Victor fake his own death and was rewarded with a big promotion at Titan. She was named President of the company.

It definitely wasn't love at first sight for Victor and Nicole. But now, besides being her lover, Victor has acted as a surrogate father to Nicole, who was exploited as a child by her vile father, Paul.

Victor will go to any lengths to protect Nicole. He gave her a gun to defend herself against Paul, and when she shot the sleazy guy, Victor worked to free Nicole.

Although the two of them live under the same roof and although many people suspect that they are romantically involved, Nicole and Victor have not gone public with their relationship.

They are not a traditional couple but they click. They are smart, ambitious, and compatible. Will it last? That remains to be seen, especially now that Kate has decided she wants Victor back.