There were 3 night time episodes of Days! "One Stormy Night" which aired on 1-10-92......."Night Sins" which aired on 2-26-93.....and "Winter Heat" which aired on 2-4-94........ The only one I really remember is "One Stormy Night" how about you?

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This is a list for fans of Y&R and BB. We are a fun and friendly list that has our own humorous way of looking at these soaps. So, if you take the Y&R and BB seriously, my list is not the place for

This is a list for ATWT and GL fans. We are a fun and friendly list that has our own humorous way of looking at these soaps. So, if you take ATWT and GL seriously, my list is not the place for

CHARACTER NAME: Kate Roberts PLAYED BY: Lauren Koslow SINCE: 1996 PREVIOUSLY PLAYED BY: Deborah Adair MARITAL STATUS: single MARITAL HISTORY: Kate was once married to Victor, but the marriage was invalid because her first husband Curtis was discovered to be alive. Her first husband, Curtis, is now deceased. CHILDREN: Austin, Billie, Lucas, and Phillip ABOUT THE CHARACTER'S LIFE: Kate was introduced with her son Lucas. She was the whiz kid brought into to head Titan Publishing. A relationship with Victor soon came to be. He asked her to marry him. Lucas pursued the identity of his father, much to her dismay. Laura constantly confronted Kate about her affair with her then husband, and even threatened to tell. Billie was put on trial for Curtis Reed's murder. It was revealed that both Billie and Austin were Kate's long lost children. Lucas became embittered, and Billie HATED her mother because she had taken Countess Wilhemina away from her. Austin wasn't so hard on his mother. Kate, to ensure her place in the Kiriakis legacy, wanted to give Victor another son. He was estranged from Bo at the time. Some embryos were formed, and through some shrewd trickery, Vivian had them emplanted in her. She gave birth to Philip, and while pregnant, drove quite the wedge between Kate and Victor, who was supposedly married to Kate. Not to be, because Victor was married to Vivian, who had tricked him. Vivian then sent Kate on a plane and sabotaged it, causing it to crash somewhere over the ocean. Kate was assumed dead, leaving Victor with a new son and no wife. Kate arrived back about a year later, and Vivian wasn't very happy. She was finally breaking into Victor's heart. Vivian was kicked out of the Kiriakis mansion after her machinations came to light. Kate got involved with Titan again. Soon after, Billie returned from Paris. Franco Kelly came to town also. Victor had a heart attack and was placed in a nursing home. Kate had hired Franco to break up Bo and Hope, so Billie could be happy with Bo. Sami started blackmailing Kate with her past as a prostitute. Franco was murdered by Lucas and Kate framed Sami. Kate also knew Franco was involved with the mob, and held it over his head. He courted Sami to get a green card, and Kate knew it, but didn't let Franco marry Sami. So right now, Kate is trying to keep her family together without going to jail for conspiracy to murder. Sami was convicted and sentenced to death, Kate said that Roberto confessed to Franco's murder and Sami was freed at the last minute. Kate is now still trying to keep the secret of Franco's murder and battle with Vivian over control of Titan. Kate is also on the brink of an affair with the much younger Nicholas Alamain. Kate and Nicholas had a torrid affair, but he left town, and she attempted to get Victor to marry her once again. She blew her chances, though, when she was caught in flagrante delecto with mob boss Vincent Moroni. She conspired with him to kill Victor at the coronation, and her plan set a horrible gun play in motion that killed Vincent's only child, Angela, and prompted Vincent's suicide. Victor realised her plan, and escaped with his life (after faking his death). He revealed himself to her the night she set the house on fire and attempted to murder him with a poker. Luckily, Victor got out, but Lucas wasn't so lucky...he was in the house that night, drunk, and ended up with severe burns. Since Victor exposed her, he kicked her out on her ear, and Kate was forced to get a job at a diner. Luckily, Victor didn't want to destroy Philip by telling him his mother was a multi-attempted murderer, so Philip is still standing up for his son. Philip's pleas convinced Victor to relent a little with his punishment of Kate. Kate now lives on an allowance doled out by Victor...but she wants to be in control again. She is currently employed at Basic Black, and is involved in a love-hate relationship with Roman Brady. =====

Here are some of my ideas for future articles. Let me know what you think ok? 5 women in Salem who need a MAN!/////5 men in Salem who need a WOMAN! My choices are: Celeste, Laura Horton, Vivian Alamaine, Billie Reed and Greta. The men: Roman, Austin,Brandon, Dr. Rolfe, and Ivan. Some things you won't find in Salem: 1. really poor people. 2. honest people (except for Alice) 3. a bowling alley. (bowling is FUN!) 4. people who actually stay married to only one person! (exception Tom and Alice). 5. people who actually work for a living. 6. a funeral home. (there is a creamatorium but no funeral home.) 7. YMCA (Do they need one?) 8. Boy or Girl Scouts. (NO Cookies!) 9. car dealership. (where do folks but their cars?) 10. mobile homes. (Do they even know what they are?) Somethings you will find in Salem: 1. People with money. (lots of money) 2. Liars. (Town is full of them). 3. hangouts ( for grown=ups and teens alike) 4. The Devil. 5. Kidnappers. 6. Mad Scientists. (paging Dr. Rolfe). 7. Alot of sexy men. ( Be still my heart. Where is my blood pressure pills?) 8. People who don't work but always seem to have money. (What does John do by the way?) 9. Love.(and Hate). 10. Lots of SECRETS! (some are juicier than others!) My favorite couples: Alice and Tom Julie and Doug Steve and Kayla Shane and Kimberly Eugene and Calliope Caroline and Shawn Carrie and Mike Mickey and Maggie Adrienne and Justin Bo and Hope. There of course would be alittle synopsis with each of the couples.

After Marlena became Roger Lombard's therapist, his wife became one of Marlena's worst nightmares. Stella became incredibly jealous because she was sure that Marlena wanted Roger as more than a patient. Stella kidnapped Marlena and tossed her into the boiler pit of an abandoned warehouse, where she held her captive for over a month. Stella, knowing that the building was to be demolished, made plans to leave town. She had a change of heart, though, and attempted to call the police to let them know where Marlena was. Unfortunately, she chose the wrong phone booth at the wrong time. A truck plowed into the phone booth, killing her. John found Marlena...just as the building exploded. John & Marlena were trapped inside...where they were later rescued by Abe.

Bo did steal her away, but Larry's thugs found them and threatened them and their families. So they came back and she married him. He even spent her inheritance. Bo and Hope made love for the first time while she was married to Larry. And we even had a trivia question lately about Shane Donovan first being introduced as working under cover as Hope's butler when she was married to Larry. Later Hope exposed Larry as a corrupt DA and she publicly announced her love for Bo. Then, I think, they divorced. And soon after Hope trained to be a cop.

Yes, when Sami found out the truth, she went straight to the hospital and tried to hide the fact that Will's blood type did not match Austin's. It was the same day everyone found out she could "miraculously" walk again after her paralysis. It wasn't long after when she and Austin were about to get married that Carrie, Mike, and Eric found out the truth and stopped the wedding. Mike had a totally classic line while they were at the hospital trying to print up the info on the blood types. They couldn't print it w/o a security disk and Carrie asked Mike if there was a way to override it. He said, "NO there is no way! This system was put in BECAUSE of Sami!!" I was cracking up over that! Anyway, Carrie burst into the church and told them to call off the wedding. So cool!! And then finally, when Eric and Mike showed up with the proof that Austin wasn't Will's father, Carrie had just told Austin the truth. Sami was still lying and saying that it wasn't true. Carrie showed Austin the proof and then she told Sami it was over that she has won this time and she punched Sami! Knocked her right on the floor!!! It was so AWESOME!!!!! That is one of my favorite Days' moments ever!


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In 1999, DAYS won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Hairstyling.

In 1978, DAYS won its only Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series.

Scott Reeves met his future wife Melissa Brennan when he played Jake on DAYS in 1988.

Will Utay (Rolf) played a cop in the 1989 Eddie Murphy comedy, Harlem Nights.

Greta's favorite author is Agatha Christie.

BLACKBIRD is the name of John's private jet.

When Eve married Jack, what was her "something blue"?

Laura went to medical school at JOHNS HOPKINS

Alex Marshall went to prison FOR BURNING DOWN THE SALEM INN

TONY BENNETT is Victor's favorite singer

The song "Hush, Little Baby" upset Lawrence Alamain BECAUSE IT REMINDED HIM OF WATCHING FORREST (JOHN) DROWN

Curtis Reed was "The Parking Lot Shooter"

Rachel Blake hummed Chopin to calm down when she was upset

CASSIE BURNS was The Salem Strangler's first victim

Anna explained her five-year absence to Roman BY CLAIMING THAT SHE WAS SOLD INTO SLAVERY

Neil Curtis married Phyllis Anderson for her money...which he needed to pay off his gambling debts.

Patch's nickname for Kayla is "Sweetness".

Alex Marshall was not an only child. HE HAD A BROTHER.

Jack Clayton was Trish Clayton's step-father.

Jack Deveraux doesn't know how to swim.

Linda Anderson was also known as Madame X.

Marlena's first son DJ was the victim of SIDS.

Julie was the first Horton to realize that Mickey was alive and living on a farm.

Albert Miller is Nancy's Wesley's father

A CUE STICK was the first present Kayla ever gave Steve

"Speed's" given name was PAUL SELEJKO

At John & Marlena's wedding, they built a "bouquet" of their family...with each child represented by a flower.

How did Sami inadvertently cause one of Victor's strokes?

LORRAINE TEMPLE is the mother of Don Craig's daughter Donna.

Larry Welch served time in jail for covering FOR VICTOR'S ROLE IN ILLEGAL DRUG TRAFFICKING

TONIGHT, I CELEBRATE MY LOVE is Bo and Hope's love song.

UNCHAINED MELODY was John & Marlena's wedding song

VICTOR is Charlie Jannings' godfather

Caroline polishes silverware when she's upset

Romans's sister, Kimberly, was a prostitute.

Steve covers his left eye with an eyepatch.

Sami caught the bouquet at John & Marlena's wedding.

Carrie is a Pisces.

Billie is left-handed.

Julie has been arrested before.

Marie Horton's daughter Jessica suffered from multiple personality disorder.

Abe proposed to Lexie IN A HOT AIR BALLOON.

Austin Reed has a degree in music

Maggie Horton is a longterm AA member

Lawrence Alamain was Jennifer's rapist

Andre Dimera was "The Salem Slasher"

Neil Curtis was a compulsive gambler

Julie Williams owned an antique shop

Marie Horton was a former nun

Hope Brady recited wedding vows to Larry Welch at gunpoint

Carrie Brady was the "Face of the 90's" winner

1995 - We learned that Rachel Blake, Kristen and Peter's supposedly dead mother, was still alive. She was known as the Lady in White. Later on she presumably perished in an explosion in the tunnels underneath Paris following John's close call with the guillotine.