After Kate Roberts' plane went down because Vivian had drugged the pilot's coffee, Kate was presumed dead. However, a fishing vessel had plucked her from the ocean and saved her. Unfortunately, it would not be going to port for six months and the captain was not willing to make special arrangements to have her lifted off.

Eventually, she convinced a crewman to help her escape, but the plan was interrupted and the best she could do was to jump overboard. She got herself to a small island, where she met a helpful man named Zip and his wife, Helena, who lived there. They were not in completely primitive surroundings. In fact, they had a television and Kate caught a news segment featuring Vivian with Victor as they celebrated Kate Roberts' memory with the opening of a new pediatric wing at the hospital.

Kate vowed to make it back to Salem and decided to brave the ocean in a crudely constructed raft. It got her as far as another island, where a pilot finally agreed to help her get back to Salem.

Did you know that Kate drinks her coffee black?

After teasing fans for four years with the idea of a Kate/Roman pairing, the powers that be at DAYS finally brought that idea to fruition near the end of 2002. What began as a love/hate sort of thing grew into a definite attraction that works because both characters have an edge. Both characters are somewhat mischievous with one another, and they see that in one another. And although Roman is a by-the-book, salt of the earth kind of guy, and Kate was a high class hooker in her sordid past, neither one of them takes any b.s. from anyone.

In spite of her past, Kate is a sophisticated woman with power and money. She fell on hard times and ended up doing duty as a waitress at a diner in a bad part of town. Roman was always there for her, driving her crazy, but at the same time swooping in and helping her, saving the day for her. No matter how often she drove him off, he would still be there for her. Kate had never had a man like that in her life before. Perhaps that is part of the reason for the intense attraction she feels for Roman.

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