When were Bo and Hope Married? A) March 25, 1985 B) May 23, 1985 C) May 24, 1986

Bo retaliated against Gencon and became known as the Riverfront Raider

Megan was Bo's Girl friend in High school.

When Hope returned home from boarding school, she become infatuated with Roman Brady.

Hope's Father stopped Bo and Hope from making Love on her 18th Birthday.

Bo and Hope shared their first kiss At a kissing booth

While Hope was in a coma from a gun shot wound, Bo gave her something that made her regain conciseness. What was it?

A) Professed his undying love B) A kiss C) An engagement ring

Bo, Britta & Steve were known as the "Three together, together forever"

What special day of the year was it when they shared their first kiss?

A) Memorial Day B) St. Patrick's Day C) Fourth of July

What was the price tag for Hope's Wedding dress?

A) $15,000 dollars B) $20,000 dollars C) $25,000 dollars

The Wedding It is a zoo inside the church. Sean arrives with a new tux for grease covered Abe. Roman can't find the rings. Hope seems to be having some trouble getting ready on time and the whole ceremony is running late. People who have shown up for midnight mass are complaining that the wedding will run too long (great Christmas spirit here) and Alice is exasperated by the whole thing. Outside, things are not much better. Sami arrives at the same time as Kate, Victor, Phillip and Chloe. Of course she can't resist ribbing Kate. She asks Kate and Victor if they are married yet and when she is told it is none of her business she replies with a "Since I am going to marry Kate's son Austin, her marital stability is very much my business". Phillip watches in horror as Sami tears in to his mother and father. With a smirk on her face, Sami heads in to the church (alone). Phillip apologizes to Chloe for the scene and she says that there is no family more dysfunctional than hers. They all head inside and take their seats with Sami and Kate shooting killer looks at each other and Phillip wondering just what is going on. Back outside, John and Marlena are having and equally as tense conversation. John wants Marlena to come home and be part of the family again but she says she can't. She just knows Brady is plotting a revenge on her and she can't live in fear. John tells her that Brady is focused on learning to walk again and hardly has time for thoughts of revenge but Marlena doesn't believe him. The conversation turns from one son to another and Marlena urges John once again to keep the truth about JT's paternity to himself. He puts up a fight saying he can't and won't ignore his son for anyone. Marlena points out that Hope wants him to stay back but this only makes John angrier. What about what he wants? Marlena tells him that it is best for JT if he steps back and lets Bo and Hope be his parents. She warns him that only bad things can come from his coming forward. John says he doesn't want to talk about it anymore and heads in to the church. Marlena follows. The wedding is about to start and everyone is getting happy. Bo holds little JT and John stares at them together. The wedding march starts and Bo hands JT to Sean D. Alice, Jennifer and Lexie head down the aisle first. Then Hope makes her debut. She looks amazing in a gorgeous but simple gown. Her hair is down and in waves and it looks beautiful. She is all smiles. Bo can't take his eyes off her, neither can John. The ceremony starts and they exchange their vows. Then Hope makes a speech about her "special needs" son and how much she loves him. She talks of her "first born" and how proud she is of him. Then she looks directly at John and mentions Brady. She talks about how he has lost his ability to walk and urges everyone to say a prayer for Brady and a Christmas miracle. She finishes by saying that the children are the most important things in the world and, looking straight at John, adds that parents must do what is best for their kids not for themselves. John seems to get her message. Bo and Hope kiss and are pronounced husband and wife. They walk back down the aisle with Sean and JT. The wedding is over!

A Miracle Brady and Belle are still at the Penthouse getting ready for the wedding. Brady is with his physical therapist who tells him that it is still possible for him to walk again. All Brady hears is that it isn't certain. Belle comes down dressed to the nines in a dark blue two piece outfit. She looks great. She and Brady get ready to leave and she jokes that she has the perfect way to keep up with him. She rushes away and returns with a scooter. Brady laughs. He hands her a helmet but she refuses to wear it saying it will mess up her hair. The therapist leaves and Belle and Brady follow. They head over to Salem Place where Brady announces that he doesn't want to be the "token gimp" at the wedding. He tells Belle to go on without him but she refuses. She tells him she loves him and just as he was prepared to die with her on the train tracks she is going to stick it out with him until he walks again. He tells her it is hopeless and he won't set himself up to be let down again. She tells him that anything is possible and that she has enough faith for the both of them. She isn't giving up on him, even if he is giving up on himself. The boys who saw Brady get shot approach him. They seem upset to see him in a wheelchair as their mother told them he wasn't hurt badly. Belle tells them that the wheelchair is only temporary and that Brady will be walking in no time. For the sake of the boys, Brady agrees. They leave and Belle tells Brady that they need to get going to the church. She tells him that she will race him and grabs her scooter. As she rushes to get in front of him she hits him in the leg. Brady winces. Belle doesn't realize what has happened until Brady tells her, "When you bumped my leg I felt it!" Belle and Brady hug as the tears start to well up in their eyes. Looks like the church prayers are working...

The Vows Bo (placing the ring on Hope's finger) I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and fidelity. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. (laughs nervously) I remember exactly how I felt the first time we exchanged our vows. And I could swear that no man ever had or ever would love a woman as much as I loved you. (Hope smiles) We exchanged our vows and set off on a pretty incredible adventure. We had a son, our first born... (pan to Sean holding JT and smiling) and then hit some pretty tough circumstances. Uh, not because of our son but because of fate. We went down a very winding, bumpy, rough road and there were times that we lost our way. (smile at each other) But the important thing is that we always found our way back to each other and a life of love, friendship and family. Talking about you guys... (turns to the congregation of guests and grins - everyone laughs) My gift to you today is to tell you in front of everybody we care about that my love for you is deeper and more powerful than it ever was. (Bo is fighting back tears now) You and I we've changed an awful lot since we first fell in love and the man I am now loves you a heck of a lot more than the boy I was then. So any time you want to do this wedding thing I'm up for it because there is nothing else I would rather do than tell the world how much I love you and my family... (nervous laugh - sniffles from Hope) OK, that's it! Hope (reaches for a ring and places it on Bo's hand) I Hope give you this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. (sniffs and smiles) I give you my life and all of my love for the world to see now and for all eternity. (nervous laugh) Does that sound familiar? I said those same exact words the first time around and I meant them with all my heart. But now here we are with everything we have come through together... My gosh Bo, so many twists and turns, but I realize that loving you has made me more able to love, more willing to give and so incredibly grateful for the chance to spend all the days of my life loving you... and our children. ------ end of vows -----

Hope wonders if Stefano could have implanted her artistic talent when she was at Maison Blanche. John reports that he brought the photo of her that he found at Maison Blanche to an architecture expert named Professor Baxter. Baxter calls John and says that the photo of Hope was taken in one of three cities: Milan (Italy), Lyon (France) or Lugano (Switzerland). Hope has a hunch that they should check out Lugano. Be careful, John warns.

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