In 1987 Kimberly Brady Donovan befriended troubled teenage prostitute Eve Baron. Eve had come to Salem to locate her father, Shane Donovan. She believed that Shane's first wife, Emma, was her mother, and she privately vowed revenge on Kimberly, who she wrongly believed had destroyed Shane and Emma's marriage.

Eve was unreasonably jealous of Sarah Horton for her stable home life. After stealing a car, Eve accidentally struck Sarah. Amid all her emotional turmoil, Eve finally told Shane that she was his daughter. He had his doubts, but admitted that it was possible. Wanting to do the right thing, Shane took Eve into the Donovan home, where she did all she could to aggravate Kimberly, who was pregnant.

In an attempt to bring harmony into his family, Shane made the decision to legally adopt Eve. Her pimp, Nick Corelli, forced her back into prostitution. When a violent customer assaulted Eve, she called Kimberly for help. In spite of Eve's hateful attitude towards her in the past, Kimberly nonetheless hurried to Eve's rescue. The man then turned his wrath on Kim. She wound up in the hospital and lost the baby she was carrying, a little girl she would have named "Carly".

Shortly thereafter, Eve was attacked down on the pier and knifed, leaving her face scarred. It was only then that Shane learned of her life as a prostitute. Soon afterward, Shane confirmed that his former ISA partner Gabrielle Pascal was in fact Eve's mother, not Emma. Angry and confused, Kim left town.

Eve developed a crush on Jennifer Horton's boyfriend Frankie Brady. He was a counsellor at a Teen Crisis Line, and had been counselling Eve, who used the pseudonym "Emily" when speaking with him. Eve pulled out all the stops trying to break up Jennifer and Frankie. She was elated when the couple broke up for a time: when they reconciled, she was devastated. Her self-esteem was buoyed when a group of boys began to pay attention to her; when she learned that the boys had only wanted to score with a hooker, Eve attempted suicide by taking an overdose. She recovered, but vowed revenge on the boys. With Nick's help, she arranged a party complete with drugs and alcohol and invited the boys. Once they were all there, she tipped off the police anonymously and then gleefully watched from a distance as the boys were arrested.


When Nick was killed in a fiery car crash the next year, Eve had difficulty coming to terms with her grief and with the fact that her classmate Jake was responsible. When she was named the sole beneficiary of Nick's life insurance policy, suspicion fell on Eve. Frightened, she tried to leave town, but got into a car wreck herself. She was taken to a mansion where Nick, badly burned but still alive, had taken up residence. He only spoke to Eve when wearing a mask, never revealing his true identity to her.

Eddie Reed, who had found Eve and taken her to the mansion, told her he was looking for money that Nick had stolen from Harper Devereaux. Eddie found a key to a safe deposit box and dragged Eve to the bank with him. Unnoticed by Eddie, Eve was able to drop a note that contained a plea for help. Shane arrived and, aided by Nick, was able to navigate the maze of underground tunnels and come to his daughter's rescue.

Nick, Kayla, and Steve lured Eddie back to the mansion. Unfortunately, Eve happened to arrive at the same time, hoping for an encounter with the mysterious masked man. This enabled Eddie to escape the trap that had been set for him, leaving Nick, Steve, and Kayla to be charged with consipiring to hide Harper's money.

Eddie contacted Jack and offered to split the money with him. Instead, Jack went to Nick and told him he could keep the money in exchange for "future unspecified services". Nick accepted the offer. Anxious to disappear with Nick, Eve agreed to have reconstructive surgery if Nick would do the same. Eddie burst into the operating room just as the surgery was about to begin, vowing to make Eve his hostage until Nick turned over Harper's money to him. Luckily, Steve and Shane arrived and shot Eddie, saving the day.

Later that year, Shane was presumed killed in a bomb blast. Eve rebelled upon learning that her father had left all of his money to Kimberly.

Mike Horton and April Ramirez had broken up and, on the rebound, April had entered into a loveless marriage with Nick. Eve conspired to reunite April and Mike, but her plans came to naught. Nick had fallen in love with April, and when he developed a life-threatening illness, April stayed by his side through the surgical procedure he needed. He knew that she still loved Mike, so Nick, in a noble gesture, asked April for an annulment.

Kimberly had come back to Salem. Mistaking Shane for a prowler, Kim shot him. Still resentful of Kimberly, Eve took full advantage of the memory lapse Shane had experienced to plant seeds of doubt about Kimberly in his mind. Eve wondered out loud to her father if Kim had really believed he was a prowler, or had she simply wanted to get rid of him?

Nick was found murdered early in 1991. In his will, he left $10 million to Eve, provided she marry. She proposed to Frankie who, repulsed by her avarice, rejected her. Jack, who had called off his wedding to Jennifer, was fighting off a hostile takeover of his newspaper, The Spectator, by Lawrence Alamain. When Eve suggested a marriage of convenience that would benefit them both, Jack agreed.

Nick's brother Johnny had arrived in Salem and he implicated Eve in Nick's murder. Eve fled to Miami. Frankie pursued Eve and was able to convince her to return to Salem when he told her that he had discovered new evidence in the case that had exonerated her.

Melissa Horton had accepted a singing engagement aboard a dinner train, The Old West Express. Clues surfaced to suggest that the weapon used to kill Nick might be hidden on the train. Melissa, Brian, Frankie, Eve, Jennifer and Jack were searching the luggage car when someone Johnny had hired uncoupled the car from the rest of the train, sending it plummeting down the snowy mountainside.

At first it appeared that the group was stranded. Eve was hailed as a hero when she led them to safety. She neglected to mention that she had only been able to lead the group out of the wilderness thanks to the help of a reclusive young woman named Molly Brinker who lived on the mountain. When Eve was nearly killed in a fall from the helicopter that was lifting them off the mountain, Frankie came to his senses and declared his love for Eve.

Back in Salem, Eve realized that if she were to divorce Jack in order to be with Frankie, she would forfeit her money. Julie Williams, determined to see that Jack was free to marry Jennifer, offered Eve a buy out. Reluctantly, Eve accepted and granted Jack a divorce. Jack kept Eve's fortune and married Jennifer. In spite of her devious ways, Frankie forgave Eve and asked him to leave town with him and help him write a book. The two of them left Salem together, bound for adventure and romance in Africa.

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