In 1968, eighteen year old Julie Olson took her grandfather Tom Horton's words of counsel into consideration and, against her own instincts, gave up her newborn son for adoption. Janet and Scott Banning started adoption proceedings and the infant they named Bradley was placed with them. Sadly, Janet was diagnosed with a brain tumor and her health deteriorated rapidly.

Susan Martin, who at one time had been Julie's best friend, was taking care of little Brad more and more often as Janet's health continued to decline. Susan wanted to make amends to Julie; Susan had shot and killed David Banning, who was the father of Julie's baby, and had been found not guilty by reason of temporary insanity. Julie had no interest in reconciling with Susan, her most hated enemy.

Early in 1969, Janet died, and gradually, Susan and Scott grew closer. Little Bradley filled a void in Susan's life that had been left by the death of her own little boy Dickie. Julie came between Susan and Scott when she found out that Brad was in fact her son David and sued to have her child returned to her, citing the grounds that Scott was no longer a married man and that the adoption had never been finalized. The court awarded custody to Julie and Julie allowed Scott visitation rights with the child only if Susan was not with him. Over time, Julie and Scott began sharing more and more moments with David and built a tenderness. Theirs was not a real romance, but they both wanted to share in the boy's life equally, so Julie and Scott married. Julie had won a double victory. She had her baby back and she had stolen Scott from Susan.

While Scott was away on a business trip, Julie began a flirtation with Doug Williams, a singer at the local cabaret, Sergio's. He was clearly very interested in Julie. The two became lovers and spoke of getting married once Julie divorced Scott.

Young David began to question why Julie had given him away in the first place and grew increasingly distant from her while bonding even more closely to Scott. Tensions escalated in the Banning home and Scott decided it was best that he accept a temporary job offer in another city and take young David with him. Julie, certain she would eventually have sole custody of David, allowed the separation, knowing she would enjoy her affair with Doug all the more without a husband and a child to come home to every night.

When Scott and David returned to Salem, David learned that Julie and Scott were divorcing. He grew even closer to Scott. In spite of Julie's hopes that her son would become more emotionally attached to her, David, although never outwardly disrespectful, had little love for his biological mother.

By 1972, Julie and Doug planned to run away together to Portofino. Julie insisted that David come with them, but Doug, who had never wanted to be a step-father, was stunned by Julie's ultimatum. He was also shocked at Julie's nonchalant attitude about taking the boy away from the father he loved. The two had a heated quarrel and parted. Doug impulsively eloped with Julie's mother Addie. When Julie heard the news, she set aside her divorce petition and decided to stay married to Scott. Later, Julie and Scott divorced and Julie married wealthy older man Bob Anderson.

David left Salem for a while, presumably being sent away to boarding school, and returned in 1975. He wanted to collect his inheritance from the estate of his grandmother Addie, who had died while he was away, and to soothe some of the hurt his estrangement from his mother had caused both of them. David had been a playboy but was planning to settle down and marry his current girlfriend, Brooke Hamilton, once he got his inheritance.

Brooke was a trouble-maker and was jealous of David's newfound closeness with Julie. She maliciously spread a rumor that Julie was actually pregnant by Doug, not Bob. The rumor even caused a rift between Julie and Alice, who wrongly believed that Julie's affair with Doug continued even after his marriage to Addie. At first, David refused to believe anything Brooke said. Then he began to have doubts, and his feelings of distrust for his mother resurfaced and erased the new love between them that had started to grow. Feeling foolish for having trusted her, David and Julie argued, then he sped off in Doug's car and careened off a bridge and plunged into the river below. Although a body was not found, David was presumed dead. Distraught with guilt in her part of David's death, Brooke took an overdose of sleeping pills. She survived and recuperated at Tom and Alice's home.

David had not died, but spent months living with the Grants, a black family who had taken him in after he stumbled out of the river. He had been happy with them, living in a harmonious, loving environment that had never been part of his background. Paul and Helen Grant had two children: Danny, who worked in his father's diner, and Valerie, who was a student looking forward to a medical career. The friendship David and Valerie had eventually turned to romance. Eventually, Paul accidentally found out David's true identity and went to Julie, who was ecstatic to learn that her son was alive. Unfortunately, in her excitement, she tripped and tumbled down the stairs and suffered a miscarriage.

Brooke had learned she was pregnant with David's child, but when she realized he was no longer in love with her, she turned down his marriage proposal. When David brought Valerie home to Salem at Christmas, family and friends welcomed them both and Valerie took a job working for Laura Horton.

David and Valerie became engaged in spite of concerns by family members about an interracial marriage. However, David started to find himself more and more attracted to Brooke. He also had a one night stand with his cousin Mike's girlfriend Trish Clayton, who became pregnant with David's child.

When Mike broke up with Trish, she and David shared a weekend together at Stonybrook Inn and before long made their way to an idyllic little wedding chapel where they got married. In September of 1977, Trish delivered their son and they called him Scotty. Unfortunately, because they were never in love, the marriage floundered. By the following year, Trish left David a letter and took off with Scotty. David hired a private investigator to track them down. He found them in Los Angeles in August, but by the time David got there, he had missed Trish, who had gone to Italy to do a movie but he brought Scotty back to Salem with him.

Stephanie Woodruff, who had had a brief fling with Chris Kositchek, began dating David. Trish returned to Salem in 1979 and immediately had a big blow up with David over Stephanie. She considered kidnapping Scotty, but instead rented an apartment across the hall from David. He backed off from his relationship with Stephanie and before long Trish and David were back together. But by the following year, Trish and David were bickering incessantly about her wanting to pursue her acting career. David had become entangled with criminal Alex Marshall and was warned to leave town. Fearing for his life, David deserted Trish and took Scotty and left Salem.

Trish managed to track David to San Diego where she was appalled to find him carrying a gun. She stole Scotty back from him and returned to Salem, staying with Doug and Julie while she sought full custody of Scotty and a divorce. David came back to town too. He turned down another job with Alex Marshall, choosing instead to work for Stuart Whyland, who was the new administrator at Salem's University Hospital.

When Alex Marshall was found shot, David was wrongly arrested. He was convicted and sentenced to seven years in prison. David escaped and hid in the basement of a radio station. Renee Dumond found him and kept him concealed. Mike foiled an attempt by some thugs David had wronged to kidnap Trish and Scotty.

David disguised himself and went to see Trish and Scotty. Later, someone tried to shoot him. Mickey and Mike arrived and found blood on the windowsill but no David. David had gone to the Twilight Bar where Nick Corelli removed the bullet then called Julie for $50,000.00 to guarantee her son's safe return. Nick got Valerie to treat David's wound then threatened her with a gun to get David to his feet and to the warehouse for the exchange. Valerie hit Nick with her medical bag and his gun went off. When police arrived, they found Nick drugged on the floor. Valerie hid David at her own apartment and brought him $10,000.00 from Julie so he could get out of town and be safe.

Eventually, David grew tired of running and hiding and went to Mickey's office and turned himself in. Meanwhile, Alex admitted to Tony DiMera, son of crime boss Stefano DiMera, that David hadn't shot him. Stuart Whyland left town and Tony took over his business interests, which were all backed by DiMera money anyway. Tony also became the new owner of the Twilight Bar and made Trish the manager and hired Danny Grant as a bartender.

Stuart was out of town but still orchestrating events in Salem. He ordered David, who had escaped from jail, killed. However, Stefano was attracted to Julie, so he spared David, knowing it would please her, and put out a hit on the assassin Stuart had hired to kill David. David had been suspected of being the Salem Strangler but when Renee, one of the Strangler's victims, woke up from her coma, she cleared his name and David was released, all charges against him were dropped.

Tony and Renee had fallen in love but when they learned they were brother and sister they ended their relationship. Renee, on the rebound from Tony, found herself attracted to David, who in turn broke up with Kayla Brady. David and Renee married in November of 1982. Tony later told Renee that new lab tests proved they were in fact not siblings. Renee left for her honeymoon with David anyway. On their return, even though Renee was still clearly attracted to Tony, she warned him to stay away from her. Renee became pregnant with David's baby but fell from a horse and miscarried.

Devious Anna Brady, Roman's ex-wife, drugged Tony and duped him into marrying her. When Stefano died, his will stipulated that Tony and Renee had to live under the same roof for the period of one year in order to receive their inheritance. Futhermore, the will stipulated that Renee had to stay married to David. There was also a clause that stated whoever -- Tony or Renee -- had a child first would receive another $5 million. So, Renee, David and Scotty moved into the DiMera mansion with Tony and Anna.

Renee rigged a boat to sink and kill Anna. However, Tony was also in the boat and was knocked unconcious. David saved both Tony and Anna, who lost the baby she was carrying. Tony found out that Anna had tricked him into marriage and divorced her, even though she was truly in love with him. Eventually, money or no money, Renee and David divorced and Tony and Renee were reunited.

When Renee was found dead shortly thereafter, Julie immediately confessed, thinking David might be suspected. David was eventually picked up for questioning but released. Shortly thereafter, David left town and has not been heard from since.

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