Chloe Lane blossomed from the gothic-looking Ghoul Girl into a beautiful young woman, pursued by two hunks, Brady Black and Philip Kiriakis.

Philip, Chloe's first love, was obsessive, and Brady, his rival for Chloe's affections, held grudges. Both guys showed weaknesses that only made them more human, more relatable.

When Chloe and Brady made love in Colorado late in 2002, it was clear to everyone that Chloe's choice was made.

Did you know...
Chloe's favorite soup is vegetable?

December 24, 2002: Chloe and Brady made love by the Christmas tree at the Wesley house. Chloe left Salem in December, 2003, but made a return visit to town in July, 2004. She was seriously injured in a car crash and conspired with her mother Nancy to make Brady believe she had died, believing he could never love her, since she was severely disfigured.

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