Lisa Rinna originated the role of Billie Reed in 1992 and played the character until 1995.

Krista Allen played Billie from 1996-1999.

Lisa Rinna reprised the role in 2002.

Although her secret return to Salem was foiled when her car crashed into a crater that was created by a meteor on the 4th of July 2002, Billie nonetheless managed to keep her return a secret from most Salemites until she was ready to make her presence known. She managed to get assigned to Bo's precinct in Salem and has plans involving Bo that are not yet clear.

Upon learning from Bo that her one time friend and rival for Bo's affections was back in town and working with him, Hope confronted Billie with a smile and let her know that she was not going to score with Bo. Hope trusts Bo, but she is not sure what Billie's motives are and doesn't believe that Billie is entirely over Bo.

Meanwhile, although she has a lot to learn about following protocol, Billie has been engaging in some real police work. She was instrumental in the sting operation that resulted in the arrest of drug dealer Magic Mike (played by Chris Malecki), and she has helped Brandon deal with an abused girl, Tia Vincent (played by Grace Bannon).

Billie left Salem to work with the ISA on January 8, 2003.

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