Even after Shawn and Belle reunited after the fiasco surrounding Jan's pregnancy, Belle reminded Shawn how important it is for her to maintain her own identity.

Did you know that Belle Black is fluent in French?

When Shawn and Belle tried to explain to their parents what had happened the night of the meteor showers when they first encountered the "aliens", John arched his eyebrow and asked the kids, "Were you drinking?" And Marlena asked, "Do you think seeing two naked bodies is some kind of trauma induced hallucination?"

By the way, The Aliens are a teen gang that was introduced in July 2002. They are led by Joe (played by Brad Bufanda). Another gang member is played by Ben Schieferstein, real-life stepson of Drake Hogestyn.

The female "alien" twin Cassie is played by Alexis Thorpe.

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